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Reedmaster Ligaturen- und Präzisionsblätter Manufaktur

In unserer Reedmaster Ligaturen- und Präzisionsblätter Manufaktur erhalten Sie die qualitativ besten Ligaturen für Ihre Klarinette oder Saxophon. JETZT NEU: Präzisionsblätter für Ihr Spiel mit Klarinette und Saxophon.


Only the best for your instrument

6 advantages that our Reedmaster ligature offers you:

1. Revolutionary sheet pick-up

2. Better address

3. More dynamic possibilities

4. Sustainable sound

5. Better articulation

6. Easy feel

For artists, these are the leaves that mean the world.

Red reeds are the prerequisite for playing the clarinet and saxophone.
However, the natural reed back has always been a problem.
The solution: the all-round perfect precision reeds from Reedmaster. And this is new: the back of the reed is machined absolutely symmetrical to the bearing surface, because a reed can only vibrate evenly if it is clamped with even pressure on the mouthpiece.

Our advantages:

1. Reed thickness in ¼-steps
2. Perfect for any reed screw
3. Swelling of the cane can be controlled
4. Sensational flexibility
5. Basic structure of the reed is preserved
6. Reed vibrates only in the resonance range


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